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Ayano Kannagi
Ayano (1)

First Appearance:

The Wind Returns


17 Years Old




Enjutsu User

Eye color:


Hair Color:



Genma Kannagi (First Cousin, Once Removed)
Ren Kannagi (Second Cousin)
Jūgo Kannagi (Father)
Kazuma Yagami (Second Cousin)


Kazuma Yagami (Love interest)

 Ayano is the current heir for the Kannagi family, wielder of Enraiha, and main heroine of the series


Ayano is very hot headed. She's impulsive and quick to action without thinking. She is also arrogant and at times irrational. Her pride for her family and heritage is often the fuel for her recklessness, as she believes her family name and force alone would allow her to beat anyone. She also becomes jealous easily.


Four years before the events of the show, Ayano defeated Kazuma in the Right of inheritance Ceremony. She was crowned the heir for the Kannagis and recieved Enraiha. 


Ayano is an En-Jutsu user and is very skilled at it. Her fire is often fueled by anger, especially anger towards Kazuma. Ayano's flame is the Crimson Flame, though she cannot control it consciously. She temporarily wielded the Azure Flames when Kazuma's Contractor magic mixed with hers.

She is also a skilled swordsman because she wields Enraiha. 


Jūgo Kannagi- Ayano greatly respects and fears her father. She often willingly takes missions from his and always wants to make her father proud. She also wants to prove to her father that she is capable of leading the family, much to the dismay of Jūgo as she often recklessly tries to prove it.

Kazuma Yagami- Initially Ayano was very hostile towards Kazuma. As the series progressed, she became less hostile but still is cold to him. However, she soon fell in love with him but often denies it. She easily becomes jealous when Kazuma is often with another women, but denies caring about it. Because of this, Ayano is considered a Tsundere because of her outward hostility and inward softness of Kazuma. 

Catherine McDonald- Ayano saw Catherine as her direct rival at first. After Catherine enlisted Kazuma to train her after she lost their first duel, Ayano saw her also as a romantic rival. They dropped hostilities as direct rivals but continued to be romantic rivals throughout the remainder of the series. She also jealous and envious of Catherine Mcdonald's beauty and her breasts.


  • Fans see her as a Tsundere because of her Love/Hate relationship with Kazuma.

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