Nanase Kudō

First Appearance:

The Wind Returns


16 Years Old

Eye Color


Hair Color



Japanese: Shizuka Ito
English: Brina Palencia
Romanji: Kudō Nanase

Nanase Kudo is one of Ayano's best friends and classmates. She and Yukari Shinomiya know about the existence of jutsushi. Nanase is also a very athletic student, who is part of many of their school's athletic clubs, and is admired by many of the female students. While she is not as well connected as Yukari, Nanase appears to be just as caring and carries much sway with the students.


Nanase has purple hair and dark blue eyes. She tends to wear her school uniform, though she sometimes wears other clothes as well. She has a very large bust size for her age. While she was under Kosuke's control, she was dressed in a single-piece leather outfit.



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