Kaanagi Ren (神凪 厳馬 Kannagi Genma) is one of the main characters in Kaze no Stigma anime and manga. He is fire magic user and is one of the main characters along with Kazuma Yagami and Ayano Kannagi. He's 12.


Ren is a tween with light blonde hair and big emerald green eyes. He's of seemingly average height and seems to be very slim. His average attire consists of a pink coat with green pants.


Ren is somewhat soft spoken and kind. This traits leads to many being protective of him and even fighting over him. He is also shown to be easily saddened shown when Ayano begins to insult Kazuma he is visibly upset etc. Even so despite his kind and soft spoken nature, Ren does not hesitate to help others when need be. Ren also chooses not to fight unless provoked or if it's necessary.


Ren is first shown when he greets Ayano and she mistakes him for her father as she was sneaking in past curfew. Ren then starts telling her that his brother has returned to Japan. Ayano tries to recall if Ren had a brother, to which he reminds her that his brother lost to her during the Ceremony of Inheritance for Enraiha. She then gloats about how she beat him with a single blast of magic. Later on, both of them intrude during a meeting with the clan head, her father Jūgo Kannagi, Genma Kannagi and Shinji Yuuki. In the meeting room, she learns of Kazuma's whereabouts as well as the fact that he is a wind magic user. She then states that it was unbelievable that someone from the head family would become a wind magic user. The next day, there is a commotion in one of the branch family households; three branch family members have been murdered. Hyoue Kazamaki proclaims the victims were killed with the use of wind magic more powerful than his clan, the Wing Fang Clan, can control.


Magic AbilitiesEdit

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